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Do you like reading our blog and want to get a free unlock for your iPhone? Here’s your chance to do so as we’re giving away a free unlock to you, regardless of the carrier your device is locked to.

There are different packages of unlock on different carriers if you see our service, but you can get a discount on one of those packages or even win an unlock for free.

How to get free iPhone Unlock for any carrier

We are a credible source of unlocking tips and guides and we pledge to only bring you information that’s real and based on fake unlocking services. We’re giving away this new unlock because we want to prove to you that we’re a legit website and not existing on the web out of the blue.

What we require from you? A little help to promote out website. There are some ways you can get your iPhone unlocked for free. This is what you need to do.

Write a review for Undolock.Com on one of the following places:

  • Forum
  • Website / blog
  • You can even make a video on YouTube.

Method 1: If you write a review for us on a forum, you’ll be able to get a GOLD STAR unlock discount. This will get your iPhone unlocked in 1 to 4 hours and you’ll only have to pay $10.

Method 2: If you cover our review on a website/blog, we’re going to present you with a special package and that’s worth a lot while the asking price is only $20.

Method 3: YouTube videos are easy to make and if you make an iPhone unlock video saying you used our service, we’ll give you the premium package that is going to unlock your iPhone in an hour while you only have to pay $30. (While shooting, you restore the device through iTunes and get the Congratulations message. Don’t forget to show refund policy and the iPhone unlock of the carrier on your PC).

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You're also required to write this:

Title: Carrier (your iPhone is locked to), iPhone model (for example iPhone 4) using our website (UldoLock.com).

Body / Description: I’m a user of (your carrier) iPhone and choose (the package you pick) to factory unlock iPhone that’s permanent without worrying about the device getting relocked after update. I definitely recommend this service and also do mention your name.

After the post / video has been received, you’re going to receive a discount or a free unlock even.

When you select this offer and finish the above mentioned possibilities, at the last, send the link to our e-mail address and tell us the discount you’ll like.

The best video shot is the one where you show you’re unable to unlock iPhone in iTunes but managed to do so using our service.

What if you Want a Totally Free Unlock?

This is going to depend on the review you write for us or the video you make. There’s only a small requirement to get it free. There are some good ways to make review and bad ways as well.

Good Review:

  1. Do mention there's a money back guarantee.
  2. Write easy to understand words and also mention some of the benefits of carrier unlock such as the ability to use the phone on any carrier in the world.
  3. A YouTube video that's fast and easy to watch.
  4. Share this article on Facebook, Twitter and Google +
  5. A link to our Website

Bad Review:

  1. Don't post our review on a fake website or porn websites.
  2. Don’t write a review that’s negative
  3. No reviews in comments section of other blogs.
  4. Don’t forget to mention our links.

A good review can save you a lot of money and turn out to be the best content you wrote using the internet as your iPhone will be SIM-free forever and can be updated to latest firmwares and basebands without any worries.

After you've linked to our website, email us using our contact form with the published link and your iPhone details (model, IMEI, carrier) to proceed with the free factory unlock.

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